Leitz - Pinot Noir Non-Alc Wine

Leitz - Pinot Noir Non-Alc Wine

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Experience the essence of red wine without the alcohol with our alcohol-free wine. Indulge in the intense flavors of red berry fruit and relish the delightful notes of juicy cherries on your palate. Our harmonious red wine alternative captivates with subtle hints of currants, creating a truly satisfying experience. Discover the perfect balance in every sip, where the absence of 99.5% alcohol remains a well-kept secret. Savor the (almost) real red wine experience, now without the alcohol.

Notes: Red currant, Cherry

Ingredients: Dealcoholised wine, sucrose, carbon dioxide, sulfites

Food Pairing: Grilled fish, or a Lamb Biryani.

Origin: Rudesheim, Germany

Alcohol: <0.5%

Size: 750ml

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