Leitz - Reisling Non-Alc Wine

Leitz - Reisling Non-Alc Wine

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Experience the essence of Riesling with Eins-Zwei Zero, Leitz's exceptional non-alcoholic wine. Crafted as their flagship varietal, this sparkling delight marks a milestone for the estate. Made from handpicked grapes sourced from young vines, its invigorating notes of lime, citrus, and apple create a fresh and vibrant tasting experience. 

Notes: Lime, Citrus, Rhubarb, Red apple

Ingredients: Dealcoholised wine, grape must, dimethyl dicarbonate, sulfites

Food Pairing: Fresh summer salads, Pasta and Mediterranean-style poultry.

Origin: Rudesheim, Germany

Alcohol: <0.5%

Size: 750ml

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