Noughty - Syrah Non-Alc Wine

Noughty - Syrah Non-Alc Wine

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Discover the exquisite pleasure of our alcohol-free red wine, a delectably balanced masterpiece. Its deep ruby red hue beckons with the promise of pure indulgence. Savor the luscious notes of ripe red fruit, complemented by the subtle warmth of crushed black pepper. Delicate whispers of dried rose petals dance on your palate, harmonizing with the delightful essence of candied cherries. Each sip reveals the seamless integration of French oak tannins, elevating the experience to new heights. 

Notes:  Red fruits, Black pepper, Candied cherry, Rose

Ingredients: De-alcoholized red wine, sulfites

Food Pairing: Pasta, Roasts


Darling, South Africa

Alcohol: 0.5%

Size: 750ml

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