Undone - Not Mezcal

Undone - Not Mezcal

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Product Type: Non-Alc Spirit
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AB: Bottle +871708
Pack Size: 6x700ml
Region: Hamburg, Germany
Alcohol: 0.3% by volume

The aroma and taste of a classic Mexican smoky agave, only without the alcohol. Carefully refined. An exiting floral agave liquid with notes of cooked agave and pumpkin, gently present smokiness and hints of pear.

How our drinks get UNDONE

What distinguishes different spirits from one another comes from the grain, fruit or sugar cane – in other words, the spirit of the plants that are distilled. In a multi-stage process, we remove the alcohol from an alcoholic product such as a spirit or wine. What remains is the basic essence of the product, which we use in combination with natural flavors for UNDONE.

With our process, the pure essence and taste are preserved, and the true spirit remains in the bottle! We flavor the valuable essence with natural aromas and additional spicy notes to have the best match of the taste profile from the alcoholic original as possible. From now on, familiar mixed drinks and cocktails will taste delicious even without alcohol.

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